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Nope, no subject tonight.

blah di blah.

So, I'm waay bored and tired.

I've practically finished Memoirs of A Geisha, its such a beautiful story.
And now I'm starting on Pride and Prejudice, I saw the movie and it was so wonderful that I must read the book.
My Mom is a huge Jane Austen fan, so I figured I might possibly be too.
So, I cried at the end of Pride and Prejudice...and again after watching A Walk to Remember later on that night.
Number two reasons why I'm such a romantic, lmao.

Anywhore, I've been talking to some really cool people again who I hadn't talked to in forever that I had missed talking to. Which is pretty cool I guess, to not like forget everything that once was and stuff.

But, I'm out.

Just felt like a boredom post.

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