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^^A line from a poem I wrote.
I decided to make a pic with it.

AAnyway, new Edie Sedgwick layout people.
Today was pretty boring, nothing to really say...Just wanted to make a post just to make a post.

Ughh I'm so glad that Marla and Diana were cut from Project Runway last night. I don't know its just Marla's a follower and copies other peoples designs and such. And Diana, I got sick of her take the front of the skirt and switch it around and it turns into a slip thing, those get annoying, I do agree with Santino about her voice.
Also, I'm convinced if Santino didn't have that facial hair and if he had blondish-white hair he'd look A LOT like Riff-raff from RHPS! Who else figures?

Well, the O.C is on tonight...And again I shall say "I love Johnny" *Sigh*
Gawd, I feel like a stupid teeny-bopper but Johnny AKA real name Ryan Donowho is gorgeous.
Okay teeny-bopper moment is now over.

Okay assuming as how you all have NO clue as to what I'm talking about, except for a few of you.
I shall go.

And I will close this post with a Heidi Klum favorite...

Auf Wiedersehen...
you are IN or you are OUT,

Oh, so basically I love this guy...He's a genius...

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^^♥ Ben Gibbard
(Death Cab love, btw)
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