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He's unresponsive 'cause you're irresponsible.

Waste a day, so I can think clearly.

13 April
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I'm April--

This is my LJ obviously, and you're supposed to put something about yourself here. But, I'm too lazy to get into it. You just have to read my journal to know who I am.

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air, alan cumming, amanda lepore, amber tamblyn, ana matronic, andrew, anne sexton, aphex twin, austin scarlett, babydaddy, basquiat, billy elliot, bob dylan, box car racer, boys, boys kissing, brian slade, buffy the vampire slayer, catcher in the rye, christopher walken, clara the chicken, club kids, clubland, coheed and cambria, cross-dressers, david bowie, death cab for cutie, del marquis, depeche mode, depression, diet coke, dirty drag queens, disco bloodbath, dj keoki, donnie darko, drag queens, drug addicts, druggies, duran duran, electronica, elizabeth wurtzel, ernie glam, fabulousness, faith, fame, fashion, felix da housecat, filthy/gorgeous, flock of seagulls, frank black, getting lost, giles, glamour, glitter, happy thought hall, hedwig, him, holden caulfield, j.d salinger, jack kerouac, jake gylenhaal, jake shears, james, james st. james, jay mccarroll, jayhawks, jenny talia, jennytalia, jim morrison, joan of arcadia, john cameron mitchell, john patrick amadori, junky, kabuki, ketamine, ku, kurt wilde, ladytron, law & order, love, macaulay culkin, michael alig, michael cerveris, michael pitt, ministry, miriam shor, mistress formika, more now again, moth, naked lunch, nicole richie, overdose, paddyboom, party monster, pink ffloyd, poems, poetry, project runway, prozac nation, queer, requiem for a dream, richie rich, rocky horror picture show, scissor sisters, slayers, smudged eyeliner, snow patrol, songwritting, special k, spice girls, spike, spun, staying out late, tears for fears, techno, the church, the club kids, the cure, the first, the o.c, the pixies, the spice girls, the strokes, the vines, the white stripes, thrill kill kult, tomcraft, track marks, trainspotting, transgenders, transvestites, tucci, vampires, velvet goldmine, velvet underground, virgin suicides, vitalic, vogue, waldorf, walt paper, william s. burroughs, willow, without a trace, woody guthrie, xander, ziggy stardust